Ribocure Pharmaceuticals was officially inaugurated on June 30th 2023

We arranged our inauguration ceremony together with both friends and colleagues from academia and industry, as well as many persons that have contributed to the establishment of Ribocure Pharmaceuticals during the past year. Over 75 persons participated, and guests of honor was the leadership team from the mother company Suzhou Ribo Life Science. And who could have been more suitable to hold the ribbon than Professor Zicai Liang (left), CEO and founder of Ribo Life Science and chair of the board of Ribocure, and Dr Hongyan Zhang (right), President of Ribo Life Science and board member of Ribocure, when CEO Professor Li-ming Gan (middle) cut the band. We are now proud and enthusiastic tenants in the GoCo Clinic house, on a custom-made floor of 900 sqm including our Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), Ribocure Clinic, an in vitro cell lab and an R&D department. 

Invited guest speakers were Professor Jyoti Chattopadhyaya from Uppsala University and Professor Jørgen Kjems from Aarhus University. Both are pioneers in oligonucleotide research since decades back and has long-lasting collaborations with members of the leadership team of Suzhou Ribo Life Science.  

Thank you to all who made this day so memorable!

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