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About Ribocure Clinic – a clinical trial unit striving for excellence in clinical research

Ribocure Clinic, located within Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB at GoCo Clinic in Mölndal, serves as a clinical trial unit (CTU) specialized in conducting clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of novel medical treatments and interventions. With a dedicated facility, our CTU plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care through the development of new drugs, focusing particularly on oligo therapies while also encompassing medical devices and other therapies.

One of the key distinguishing factors of our CTU is its commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and conducting trials at a substantial scale, functioning as a high-quality high-volume center. This entails our ability to enroll and manage a significant number of participants in clinical trials, led by a highly skilled medical team. This capacity is instrumental in ensuring timely completion of studies and establishing robust and dependable results.

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In order to achieve high enrollment rates, our CTU has implemented a streamlined process for participant recruitment, informed consent acquisition, and study procedure execution. We have established an efficient infrastructure and resources to effectively manage data and logistical aspects associated with clinical trials. Safeguarding patient safety and well-being during clinical trials is of utmost importance to us, and we employ rigorous monitoring of participants for adverse events, along with the implementation of appropriate safety protocols when necessary.

Another pivotal aspect of our high-quality CTU is our unwavering adherence to stringent regulatory guidelines to establish high standards of ethical conduct. We strictly comply with regulations set forth by government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH). Furthermore, we uphold ethical principles as outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki.

In summary, Ribocure Clinic is dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care through our commitment to rigorous, ethical, and efficient clinical research. By fostering a supportive and streamlined environment for clinical trials, we are confident in our CTU’s ability to contribute significantly to the development of innovative therapies that hold the potential to improve health outcomes and save lives.

Om Ribocure Clinic för studiedeltagare

Ribocure Clinic är en klinisk prövningsenhet inom Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB, belägen i GoCo Health Innovation City i Mölndal. Vi är en specialiserad mottagning där vi genomför kliniska prövningar för att utvärdera effekt av nya medicinska behandlingar. Vår kliniska prövningsenhet spelar en viktig roll för att främja medicinsk kunskap och förbättra patientvården genom att främja utveckling av nya läkemedel. På Ribocure Clinic studerar vi studieläkemedel inom en rad olika sjukdomsområden t ex hjärt- kärlsjukdom, diabetes, förhöjda blodfetter eller leversjukdomar. Vi har särskilt fokus på läkemedel som består av små molekyler uppbyggda av arvsmassans egna byggstenar (oligoterapier) men även andra terapier och medicintekniska produkter.  Vi kommer inom en snar framtid specialisera oss på ovanliga sjukdomar där det finns ett stort behov av behandling.


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Ribocure will be expanding heavily in Sweden and looking for new talents to join, and academic associations as well as small and large enterprise partners to collaborate with, with the joint goal of developing highly differentiated and innovative oligonucleotide therapeutics to help patients in need.