Promising data from our HBV program presented at EASL Congress

Thanks EASL for a great meeting and also the opportunity to simultaneously show data from our HBV program, both with regard to its robust preclinical proof of concept data package as well as the hot off the press interim clinical data from the ongoing Ph1b study. Very excited to see the excellent safety data and the impressive durability of our drug following only 1 or 2 doses s.c. injection and already at mid-dose level achieved profound HBsAg suppression, indeed supporting the dosing regime planned for the upcoming Ph2 study, where we anticipate even greater efficacy and durability, based on existing preclinical and clinical evidence.

Our HBV program is a siRNA molecule based on our proprietary Ribo-GalSTAR technology to combat chronic hepatitis B virus infection, a disease still causing huge mortality and morbidity for millions of patients around the world.

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