Ribo announces the latest research news for three siRNA therapeutic drugs at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2023

Suzhou Ribo Life Science (Ribo) and Ribocure Pharmaceuticals (Ribocure) presented new data from three projects from its cardiovascular pipeline at the European Society of Cardiology Congress (ESC) in Amsterdam on August 25-28, the world’s largest and most influential conference in cardiology. Building on its proprietary liver-targeting platform RIBO-GalSTAR®, highly specific, potent and durable gene silencing […]

Promising data from our HBV program presented at EASL Congress

Thanks EASL for a great meeting and also the opportunity to simultaneously show data from our HBV program, both with regard to its robust preclinical proof of concept data package as well as the hot off the press interim clinical data from the ongoing Ph1b study. Very excited to see the excellent safety data and […]

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals was officially inaugurated on June 30th 2023

We arranged our inauguration ceremony together with both friends and colleagues from academia and industry, as well as many persons that have contributed to the establishment of Ribocure Pharmaceuticals during the past year. Over 75 persons participated, and guests of honor was the leadership team from the mother company Suzhou Ribo Life Science. And who […]

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals represented at European Liver Congress, EASL, in Vienna

Li-ming Gan, CEO at Ribocure Pharmaceuticals, is for the first time showing our preclinical PoC data at the EASL meeting this week. The study was conducted using our mouse surrogate molecule in an in-house developed mouse model of NASH with elevated hepatic HSD expression. HSD17B13 is a genetically identified target strongly associated with liver steatosis […]

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB receives Authorisation for a Phase II clinical trial..

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB receives Authorisation for a Phase II clinical trial to evaluate efficacy and safety of its novel siRNA asset for treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection. Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB, a pioneering Swedish biotech company and the international research center of Ribo Life Science Ltd, focused on development of cutting-edge RNA therapeutics, is delighted to […]

Both building and Ribocure team grow!

In June we move into the entire fifth floor of the GoCo Clinic building and established a unique “from bench-to-bed” set-up with an R&D department, a Ph2 clinical trial unit (Ribocure Clinic) and an in vitro human cell lab. 

GoCo House Lunch Launch

GoCo House Lunch Launch took place and we were there from Ribocure Pharmaceuticals to meet our future neighbours and potential collaborators. The excitement is high to expand our business and for the transition in to our new facilities in GoCo Clinic in June!

World’s first siRNA-based FXI silencing agent

World’s first siRNA-based FXI silencing agent enters clinical development – an important step toward a new generation of anti-thrombotic therapies for our patients! Suzhou Ribo announces the first siRNA-based FXI targeting anti-thrombotic agent (RBD4059) to receive HREC approval for first-in-human study in Australia.On February 6th, 2023, Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to […]