Development of cutting-edge RNA therapeutics

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB (Ribocure) is a recently founded biotech company based in Sweden, dedicated to advancing the field of cutting-edge RNA therapeutics. Our mission is to establish a world-leading company in RNA research and development, ultimately making a positive impact on patients worldwide.

About Ribocure

Ribocure has established an exceptional setup known as ”from bench-to-bed” on the entirety of the fifth floor in the GoCo Clinic building. This setup encompasses an R&D department, an in vitro human cell lab, and the Ribocure Clinic which serves as a specialized unit for Phase 2 clinical trials. The Ribocure Clinic is dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality in conducting proof-of-principle and concept trials within our expertise areas, while also featuring a functional imaging core lab capacity.


Oligonucleotide therapeutics for your wellbeing

Ribocure’s main emphasis lies in addressing the significant unmet medical requirements in rare diseases associated with cardiovascular, renal, and oncology therapeutic areas. The company is fully committed to the exploration and advancement of first- and best-in-class drug assets, aiming to pioneer the development of groundbreaking treatments using innovative oligonucleotide technologies. As a subsidiary of Ribo Life Science Co., Ltd., Ribocure leverages the advantages of a vertically integrated oligonucleotide research platform while incorporating their exceptional translational and clinical operational expertise within the organization.

Building a world-leading company in Sweden

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB (Ribocure) is a newly established Swedish biotech company that specializes in the cutting-edge development of RNA therapeutics. We aspire to forge a world-leading company in RNA therapeutics research and development here in Sweden, with the aim of making a positive impact on patients across the globe.

Become a part of ribocure

Ribocure has set forth extensive plans for growth in Sweden and is actively seeking new talents to join our team. We are also keen on establishing collaborations with academic associations, as well as small and large enterprise partners, who share our joint objective of developing highly distinctive and innovative oligonucleotide therapeutics to assist patients in need.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? We invite you to visit our career page for further information and discover an exciting journey together with us at Ribocure.

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Ribocure will be expanding heavily in Sweden and looking for new talents to join, and academic associations as well as small and large enterprise partners to collaborate with, with the joint goal of developing highly differentiated and innovative oligonucleotide therapeutics to help patients in need.